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It was time again for the annual ostrich hunt. Ollie, an old and well-known ostrich, was tired after all these years and he couldn't run much anymore. But he didn't relish getting himself killed either so he came up with a plan.

He stripped off his feathers, got some brown paint and put a pillow on his back. Now, he looked just like any camel he had ever seen.

Well, Ollie survived the first day, and the second too. But on the third, a hunter shot and killed Ollie.

Asked later how he managed to get the old legendary ostrich, the hunter replied, "He fooled me at first, but it didn't take me too long to see through his camel flaws."

Bonus Joke:

Once upon a time there was a very handsome male camel with two huge camel humps.
He fell in love and married a beautiful female camel who had one perfect camel hump.
As time progressed, they became the proud parents of a wonderful baby camel who had no humps.

They contemplated long and hard on what to call their beautiful little boy. Naturally, they decided on "Humphrey."

Extra Bonus Joke:

The manager of a large city zoo was drafting a letter to order a pair of animals. He sat at his computer and typed the following sentence: "I would like to place an order for two mongooses, to be delivered at your earliest convenience."

He stared at the screen, focusing on that odd word 'mongooses.' Then he deleted the word and added another, so that the sentence now read: "I would like to place an order for two mongeese, to be delivered at your earliest convenience."

Again he stared at the screen, this time focusing on the new word, which seemed just as odd as the original one. Finally, he deleted the whole sentence and started all over.

"Everyone knows no fully-stocked zoo should be without a mongoose," he typed. "Please send us a pair of them."

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